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Skinvest in Yourself

Updated: Feb 24

Beauty boosters are micro injections of dermal filler that are injected into the skin, rather than underneath the skin like most dermal filler treatments. They reintroduce hyaluronic acid which promotes new collagen and elastin formation, bringing deep hydration and a youthful glow. Think of it as a skin conditioning treatment for your skin to improve its quality over a series of treatments rather than relying on one treatment to fix all.

Beauty boosters are used to treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands. We can target areas you are most concerned with hence the pricing per ml. Typically 1ml would treat under eye area and 3ml full face.

We can also upgrade this treatment to include botox in the cocktail mix which is useful in reducing sebum production, improve pores and tighten the skin.


3 treatments advised initially then opt in for yearly maintenance.


1ml - $300

2ml - $550

3ml - $650

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